The Bio-Security info

With the collaboration of the Honduran Association of Occupational Health and Occupational Health ASOHMET, the Center for Research and Development in Health, Work and Environment (CIDSTA) of the UNAH Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Master in Health Management, Safety and Environment In the Work of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), and with the approval of the Secretary of Health, the Agency for Sanitary Regulation (ARSA), the Secretary of Security and the National Police of Honduras, the present Biosafety Protocol is prepared by Pandemic reason CODVID-19 for Escape Rooms, which has a national scope. This protocol has the purpose of avoiding and reducing the consequences of the spread and infection of SARS-CoV-2, in the population, by implementing a harmonized set of virus prevention and control measures. It is important that the safety and health conditions are established, in which the activities of the provision of the service must be carried out, without prejudice to the additional regulations that are established for each person according to their economic activity, their profession or trade, your age or gender in particular.

For the purposes of applying this protocol, prevention measures will be understood in the place of service provision, both in common areas and in private areas that allow the fulfillment of the following objectives:

a) Guarantee the safety and health of workers and visitors in all activities related to the provision of the service.

b) Guarantee the development of permanent safety and health programs in the area of ​​service provision, aimed at protecting and maintaining the health of the participants, as well as workers and visitors that are adequate to the operation of their activities....

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