• Complexity:
  • Players: from 2 to 6

Game description

Moriarty, is playing with fire, his malicious plan is already written and put it in motion, His goal is to deceive Sherlock, although more lives are in danger.

Sherlock using his deductiv methods has discovered where and when Moriarty will release the contagious virus AMNESIA 11,. Unfortunately, Moriarty has been two steps ahead of the famous detective and made sure he caught the virus.

Sherlock, now from the hospital, has asked you to call Inspector Lestrade to warn him of the catastrophe that is coming . The Inspector's private number has been carefully hidden in Sherlock's apartment.

Time is of the essence, Inspector Lestrade and his men are on their way to arrest Moriarty, but you must warn him because they´re headed straight to a trap where he and his men will also catch AMNESIA 11 and an epidemic will begin.

Developed by MLogicSoft